Exhaust System – Cleaning Process

Kitchen exhaust cleansing (often spoken as “hood cleaning”) is that the method of removing grease that has accumulated within the ducts, hoods, fans and vents of exhaust systems of economic kitchens. Left the Exhaust System unclean, room exhaust systems eventually accumulate enough grease to become extreme hearth hazards. Exhaust systems should be inspected often by Exhaust System Manufacturers, at intervals in line with usage, to work out whether or not or not cleansing required before a dangerous quantity of grease has accumulated.

Cleaning processes

The complete room exhaust systems (top to bottom) are 1st scraped clean then washed clean with food safe caustic chemicals and plight pressure-washing wherever attainable to soundly collect dirty water by-product.

Caustic chemicals

Caustic chemicals will be applied to interrupt down the grease of the kitchen exhaust system. After that, plight will be wont to rinse away the residue in the kitchen exhaust fans. Chemicals are usually applied with either a garden kind sprayer, downstream injection by Exhaust System Manufacturers through a pressure washer or with a chemical foamier.

Once the chemicals ar applied, they’re allowed to waffle the surface of the grease for an amount of your time, before being washed off of the surface with plight. In extreme things, wherever grease buildup is just too serious for a chemical application and a rinse, scrapers is also wont to take away excess buildup from the contaminated surfaces, before chemicals ar applied.

Hot water pressure-washing

Machines will be used that boil water then applies this water underneath pressures up to 2000PSI. In a very common technique of preparation, heavy tarps ar 1st clipped to the hoods then angulated into plastic garbage cans to catch the run-off. Because the cans ar crammed the contents ar disposed of in turn. The grease ought to be removed instead of simply empty into the native drains to avoid hindering problems.

  • Ø Caustic foam cleansing
  • Ø Scraping associate exhaust duct
  • Ø Pressure-washing associate fan


Cleaners typically polish hoods for easier cleansing and improved look. Cleaners apply a sticker to the hood of every cleansed exhaust to change the authority having jurisdiction also as insurance adjusters to ascertain for compliance with the native code.


Many jurisdictions have adopted this nation minimum obtainable commonplace, National hearth Protection Association commonplace ninety six, commonplace for Ventilation management and hearth Protection of economic cookery Operations and need compliance to that by cleaners and operators of economic kitchens.

Industry education

A properly cleansed room exhaust duct.

Several associations are fashioned to teach room exhaust cleaners on the provisions of NFPA ninety six commonplace and on the simplest standards and practices for room exhaust cleansing. Among these are.

  • Ø International room Exhaust System Manufacturers Association
  • Ø Power Washers of North America
  • Ø Certified Hood and Duct Cleaners Association.

Each organization has its own philosophies however all of them have the goal of up the room exhaust cleansing business.


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